Truffle Oil – The Myth


Is truffle oil real? Can you make truffle flavored oils? MMM, truff… I mean, MMM 2,4-dithiapentane! Enough already… Truffle oil, simply put, isn’t even made with real truffles. The first time I tasted this disgusting (read: revolting) concoction was at a belgian frites joint, and they had a ‘truffle ketchup.’ Sure – I kept hearing rants […]

Is MSG bad for you?


So, is MSG really bad for you? Yes? No? Maybe? Definitely. Debatable. Depending on what you read, who you talk to, and what search terms you use, leads to a different answer. I thought it best to quickly compile a summary of findings from across the Interweb, to create some sort of consensus to hopefully […]

Review: Kiwi Knives – A sharp choice!


Kiwi Knife Review Kiwi knives are almost a legend these days; cheap, effective, and fun to use. I’ll start this review with a story… One day while shopping in San Francisco’s Chinatown I stopped at one of my favorite little shops, The Wok Shop. I was there to buy another one of my favorite knives, […]

The Top 10 Indian Cookbooks


Indian cooking is, without a doubt, one of humanity’s greatest treasures. The evolution of their gastronomy is a fascinating view into the history of the subcontinent, one worthy of greater study and exploration. If you’re interested in learning more about the history, tradition, and methods of cooking delicious Indian food, the following is a list […]

‘Tis the season for bockbier!

What is bockbier?

You see it every year, sometimes seasonally, on the shelves of your favorite beer / bier / birra purveyor, and you ask yourself… What is bock beer? Maibock? Doppelbock? Eisbock? What the bock? Origin of bockbier Bock beer is a lager of German origin, traditionally copper/brown (depending), strong, sweet, malty and lightly hopped, that is […]

There’s no such thing as fresh shrimp

theres no such thing as fresh shrimp

There’s no such thing as fresh shrimp! Ok, that’s not true. Obviously when you catch a shrimp on a boat or off the shore, it’s fresh. Yea. If you’re really lucky, you can get these guys right off the boat or pier, and then bam – you’ve got yourself some fresh shrimp. Sometimes you can […]